“Making The Band” Reboot Underway Starring Diddy & His Sons!

It’s a family affair only the family is here! The reboot we’ve personally been waiting for is finally on its way and it promising to be more lit than ever!

MTV’s original hit series Making The Band is making an official comeback but this time Diddy won’t be the only bad boy running things he’s bringing in additional reinforcements. #QuincyBrown , #JustinCombs and #ChristianCombs have been named officials judges of the new series, reports Essence Magazine.

Source have confirmed that the show’s original celebrity choreographer and Diddy’s long time friend Laurie Ann Gibson will be making an official return as well.

The beginning stages of the show will consist of preliminary casting. The boys, Diddy and Laurie are scheduled to hit the road pretty soon to begin scouting out talent.

The tour is set to hit major cities such as Atlanta, Charlotte, Houston and New York. It has been indicated that Fans will attain the chance to audition for the judges to indulge in the festivities courtesy of the vocal pop up booths that will appear ahead of casting.

It has been noted that submissions created in the booth can be shared via social media and utilized as an online audition.

The casting dates are as followed:

February 28-29: Atlanta, GA
March 7-8: Houston, TX

March 13-14: Charlotte, NC

March 21-22: New York, NY

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