Damon Dash Sues Ex Wife And Business Partner Rachel Roy!

Roc- A-Fella co-founder #DamonDash has officially forward motion to sue his ex business partner, wife and mother of his two youngest children #RachelRoy.

According to TMZ, Dame is furious about the success the multiple Rachel Roy Brands has obtained throughout the last decade. The brand is currently being sold in major department stores throughout the country and Dame has come forward to attest the fact that he was an official member of the brand when the business initially kicked off back in 2008. Solely believing that he is rightfully owed a portion of the millions the brand profits each year.


Official court documents retrieved from TMZ indicates that Dame is claiming that Roy has worked closely with multiple other companies conspiring to keep the Rachel Roy Brand flourishing but ultimately hiding large sums of money that was considerably owed to him.


Sources have confirmed that Dame highlights notions of deceit, manipulation, unaccounted for transactions, and embezzlement. He goes on to state that the entire issue allegedly transpired in 2014 when a royalty check that was owed to him for $175,000 was wrongfully withheld. He goes on to state that him and Rachel also had a verbal agreement of him being able to repurchase his interest within the Rachel Roy Brand for $ 1 million dollars however she didn’t follow up on her end and never issued an explanation for the incident either.

Dame is currently suing Rachel, her companies, accountants, lawyers and multiple other parties involved. There has not been an exact amount indicated he is seeking for these damages. #Cousins, we’ll keep you posted.

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