Milwaukee Amber Alert Cancelled After Mom And 2 Daughters Found Dead!

#Cousins ; please join us in sending our deepest prayers and most sincere condolences to a family left searching for answers upon the tragic death of three of their loved ones!

Milwaukee resident Amarah “Jerica” Banks and her two daughters Cameria Banks, 4, Zaniya Ivery, 5, were officially reported missing Saturday afternoon, reports FOX News 13.


Sources have confirmed that Amarah, Cameria and Zaniya were last seen alive on Friday evening; the same day of her 1 year old son, Azrel’s funeral. It has been indicated that he had passed away from natural causes.

Milwaukee officials have reported that Amarah, Cameria and Zaniya were found exactly 4 miles away from where they were last seen February 8th at 1AM. It has been indicated that all 3 of victims were last seen with Amarah’s boyfriend Arzel Ivery.


Arzel was arrested Saturday afternoon by Milwaukee Police, his family states that he had returned home speaking freely of the incident and that’s when they contacted officials. Upon his arrest he revealed the location of where the bodies could be found. Officials then traveled from Milwaukee to Tennessee on Sunday morning where they discovered the three lifeless bodies within a car inside of a garage.

Ivery was scheduled to appear in court Monday morning.

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