Ari Lennox Issues Public Apology To Oprah Winfrey Following Social Media Rant!

The controversial interview between everyone’s least favorite individual at the moment #GayleKing and legendary women’s basket ball player #LisaLeslie made its rounds up and through social media last week. Hundreds and thousands of social media users and public figures took to multiple platforms to discuss their outrage upon the outlandish questions Gayle probed in effort of receiving a response upon the 2003 dismissed case concerning #KobeBryant and the alleged occurrence of a rape incident. Amongst the long list of commenters laid #AriLennox who had more than few choice words for Gayle.

Following the interview Ari took to her personal social media account and referred to Gayle and her best friend Oprah Winfrey as not only “Kale and Okra” also labeling them as “ Sh-it fu-k asses” and a whole bunch of cuss words we will not display.

Monday morning Ari took to her personal Tumblr account to apologize for the rant and announce that she will be going her separate ways from all social media platforms effective immediately. “I am sorry. I was acting like an ass, I impulsively spiraled cause I was sick of seeing the distasteful shade especially at such a terrible and sad time towards someone I know is good person…I’m sorry for triggering people and I’m sorry if I caused any trauma. Im sorry for victim shaming, swear that wasn’t my intent.”

She goes on to state that social media keeps her from conducting, “Healthy and productive conversations.”

“I’m excited to leave social media for good. I’m excited for true self love, healing, understanding and peace. To all the people who checked me from a place of love, I love you forever and I hear you and I deeply empathize more than you’ll ever know. I would love to keep the conversation going in real life.”

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