Donald Trump Acquitted Of All Charges By Senate Within Impeachment Trial!

Well #Cousins it appears that #DonaldTrump has officially been deemed not guilty upon charges of abuse of power and obstruction of congress within his impeachment trial!

The acquittal vote was the last and final step of the Trump’s impeachment trial; both weighting in heavy and prosperous arguments made by both each of the Democratic and Republican Party members, reports CNBC News.

Trump had been accused of directly abusing his presidential power to intimidate officials of Ukraine to issue a deeper investigation of some sort into the file of former Vice President #JoeBiden ‘s son Hunter. Also noting that Trump was involved in a 2016 fiasco where he withheld $400 million for a congressional appropriated military aid to the U.S

Reports read that during Wednesday’s trial a total of 48 senator and one republican identified as Senator Mitt Romney voted to convict Trump. However 52 republican senators voted to acquit him of all charges.

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