Atlanta Rapper Yung Joc Responds To Viral Video Capturing Him Working As A Ride-Share Driver!

Atlanta based rapper #YungJoc is no stranger to going viral on social media. Whether it’s a new hair style or something outrageously funny he’s said you can always count on his actions to pull attention from all over.

Within his latest thread of viral activity Joc was captured on video working an ordinary job as a ride-share driver. What may be misconstrued to many as a downfall, Joc has identified as a life lesson and teaching moment for young adults.

According to TMZ; Joc has recently come forward to state that he took the job not as a necessary task but as something to check off of his bucket list. It has been indicated that the rapper caught wind of the new Atlanta ride-sharing app Pull Up N Go and decided that he was interested in giving it a try.

Joc tells TMZ that his new side hustle is to show kids that you should never be ashamed of finding new and legit ways of putting extra money in your pocket.

As for him falling off; Joc confirms that those accusations are false. He is a permanent cast member of the #LoveAndHipHop franchise and an on air radio personality. He pulls in consistent revenue from music streams and has also recently opened up a new club.

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