#StillUnbothered; Omarion Drops Comment Upon Apryl Jones And Fizz Union!

Cousins; within the Webster dictionary if you look up the word “ Unbothered” you will find the definition of true peace, positivity, the act of being centered within oneself and strategical thinking. Next to that definition will be the direct display of unbotheredness also know as the king of all peace, Omarion!

For months social media users and media outlets pondered how is the former boy band group leader handling multiple reports of his children’s mother Apryl S. Jones and former band mate Fizz going public upon their apparent relationship exactly.


Omarion previously stated during a VladTV interview that he doesn’t feel any kind of way towards the situation. He stated that he wants to see Apryl happy so that his children will remain happy and that his only request is that the couple changes the narrative of their union.

Within a recent interview with Essence Magazine, Omarion was asked again what were his initial thoughts towards Apryl and Fizz hooking up. His response just as eloquent and peaceful as before but with a splash of relevance.


 “I could be acting a damn fool right now, but is that the best thing to do?” Omarion asked. “When you self-reflect and you get the opportunity to [say], ‘OK. I could go that far, but where’s the best place for me to be?”

He continues, “I saw how far I could take it, [but] when you’re a serious person like me you have to consider all things.”

He explains, “Of course having children and just keeping that in perspective and knowing that it’s not all about you that really helped me just maintain my position.”


”You just have to know yourself well enough to know what’s important. And when you do that, things just don’t get in your way. You don’t allow them to,” he adds. My kids have really brought me into maturity on another level and I really appreciate them for that.”

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