New York State Issues $3.5 Million Grant To Help Build Hip Hop Museum In The Bronx!

But if it wasn’t for The Bronx..

Exciting news #Cousins ; it has recently been reported that the World’s first Hip Hop museum is set to begin construction after receiving a hefty grant of $3.5 million dollars from the state of New York!

According to the New York Post; Governor Andrew Cuomo made the major announcement on Thursday. Sources have confirmed that the $80 million dollar Universal Museum is set for it’s official grand opening scheduled sometime in 2023. The museum will be planted within the original birthplace of Hip Hop in the south Bronx.


Sources have indicated that the Universal Museum will celebrate not only Hip Hop as a musical genre but as a culture. It has been stated that exhibits consisting of 1970s disc jockeys and MCs will also be included.

Reports read that the museum will range around 50,000 square feet, located alongside the Harlem River 145th street bridge in partnership with L+M business Development.

The Universal Museum is also being backed by the corporation of Microsoft, MIT and Hip Hop legends #LLCoolJ and #Nas.

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