Notorious Serial Killer Uses Dating Apps To Hunt Black Women; Deems Them Less Than Valuable!

#Cousins ; a male New Jersey resident described as looking the part of a law abiding citizen is currently on trial for countless murders of young black women; in which officials believe he targeted because he thought no one would care ultimately care about their demise.

Khalil Weaver, 23 has been identified as using social dating apps within 2016 to help him kill three Black women while attempting to kill a fourth; reports Baller Alert. Sources have confirmed that Weaver denies all claims and states that though he was with each women before they disappeared, he is not guilty of killing any of them.


Within the latest trial hearing a series of bone chilling text messages were read from a victim 10 days before her lifeless body was discovered death in a park.

“Are you a serial killer?” serves as one of the last texts Sarah Butler , 20 sent out to Wheeler-Weaver before meeting in person. Reports read that Butler and Wheeler-Weaver had connected over the 2016 Thanksgiving holiday through a dating app. It has been indicated that the two had arranged to meet up in which Wheeler Weaver offered to pay $500 to have with their. Out of fear, Butler initially backed out of meeting him and then shortly decided to borrow her mom’s van and go anyway. “You’re not a serial killer, right?” was the very last text she sent him.

Butler was the last victim of Wheeler-Weaver’s murderous spree. Court records confirm that just days before they had met, Wheeler-Weaver had searched the internet for different ways to create the date rape drug and other hazardous homemade poisons. Ten days after their Nov.22, 2016 meeting Butler’s body was discovered covered by waste, dirt and leaves strangled to death.


As of right now the bodies of Joanne Brown and Robin West have also been discovered but police officials believe there to be many more. Prospect have found belief that Wheeler-Weaver purposely targeted young black women who were either sex workers, mentally ill or homeless. He has stated that those type of Black Women were identified as less than human and were ultimately less valued by society

His attorney argues that each victim put themselves in these uncertain predicament and has noted that Wheeler-Weaver has offered full cooperation with investigators because he is innocent.


Baller Alert reports : If not for Butler’s family going through the victim’s social media accounts and messages, then she may have never been found, and police might have never connected it to Wheeler-Weaver. It only took five days after her body was found on Dec. 1, 2016. Last month, Butler’s friends and family created a fake profile on the site, Tagged and convinced Wheeler-Weaver to meet up for sex, but when he arrived, police were waiting on him.

The trial is still in process at this time.

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