Whitney Houston, Chaka Chan & The Notorious B.I.G Receive Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Nominations For 2020!

Legendary artist and songwriters #WhitneyHouston , #BiggieSmalls and #ChakaKhan have officially been named as apart of the 2020 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee list!

According to #BlavityNews the list of nominated inductees was announced on Tuesday morning. It has been indicated that the inductee list includes multiple artist ranging from musical genres of rock, pop, rhythm and blues and hip-hop.

It has been stated that in order for an artist to be eligible for a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nomination the participant must have released their first commercial recording 25 years before the upcoming ceremony.

If he’s officially inducted Biggie Smalls will be the second solo hip hop artist in history to be recognized by the hall of Fame. The first artist to ever achieve this was the late #TupacShakur .


The process continues amongst a series of over 1,000 industry memebers, historians, artists and musicians which an official inductee nomination list is gathered. Fans have the ability to cast their votes from now until January, 10th 2020.

The 35th Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony will take place next year in Cleveland, Ohio.

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