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Social Media Influencer Dana Chanel Accused Of Scamming Small Business Owners!

-Brittany Hennis-

There’s this one particular rumor that just keeps getting tied to social media influencer Dana Chanel…

Local authorities in Pennsylvania are currently suing the Dana, for allegedly using her platform to promote products and services that ripped off consumers, particularly black small business owners, reports BuzzFeed news.

If you follow Dana on social media, you wouldn’t necessarily get a vibe that she and her hubby Prince Donell are scammers. She utilizes her social media accounts to provide information on how to start a business, as well as motivational content for members of the black and brown community.

Dana is the founder of multiple businesses such as Curl Bible; a hair and skincare brand, and Sprinkle of Jesus, a Christian mobile app that she’s described as the largest online ministry in the world with 5 million users.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who is handling the case, expressed during a press release on Thursday that, “Dana Chanel built a following online, by presenting herself as a black woman owned small business success story. She advertised the products of her companies as a way for other black small business owners to achieve what she did. Then, she ripped off the same community she claimed to care about.”

The lawsuit involves the influencer’s other companies, Credit Exterminators (which was rebranded as Earn Company), that helps people improve bad credit. As well as Alakazam, which helps small business owners make their own mobile app.

According to the lawsuit, regulators in Pennsylvania began investigating after they received several customer complaints who said they either didn’t receive the goods and services they paid for or that the businesses misled them.

These days it is so easy to promote yourself as an entrepreneur on social media, but the real question is, who’s really working??

Cousins, do y’all believe the rumors about Dana Chanel?

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