Ava DuVernay & Netflix Sued By Police Interrogation Firm On Behalf Of “When They See Us” Docuseries!

Well #Cousins you know what they say; what happens in the dark will always come to the light. However an interrogation firm was sure that their truth would never see the light of day and has plans to sue both #AvaDuvernay and #Netflix for exposing them!


According to #TheGrapeVine ; The firm originally established by former Chicago police officer John E Reid; has forwarded a lawsuit against DuVernay and Netflix for defamation. John E. Reid and Associates has been identified within the When They See Us Netflix docuseries directed by DuVernay for using harsh and inhumane interrogation techniques against minors to obtain a false confession.


When They See Us serves as an in-depth six part docuseries that depicts within chronological order the details of the 90’s controversial Central Park jogger case. The film shows that five accused black and brown young boys were manipulated into confessing to a crime they were never apart of. The prosecution team forced the boys to state details that simply weren’t true; ultimately leading to 5 wrongful convicts.

The film helped expose the truth upon a global scale and allowed the men formally known as the #CentralPark5 to share their side of the story; they’re now identified as the #Exonnerated5 . The entire prosecution team was outed for their unethical behavior and even caused author and notorious prosecutor #LindaFairstein into “ early retirement.”


Variety provides an in-depth explanation of the controversial ordeal as displayed in episode four of the docuseries: The technique is mentioned in the fourth episode of When They See Us, the dramatized series on the Central Park Five case released by Netflix in May. A character confronts NYPD detective Michael Sheehan with allegations that he coerced a confession out of the five original defendants, who were later exonerated.

“You squeezed statements out of them after 42 hours of questioning and coercing, without food, bathroom breaks, withholding parental supervision,” the character states. “The Reid Technique has been universally rejected.”

Sheehan replies: “I don’t even know what the f—ing Reid Technique is, OK? I know what I was taught. I know what I was asked to do and I did it.

public.jpeg has recently forwarded a public statement indicating that, “The Reid Technique serves as the foundation for almost all interviewing programs that are offered in the marketplace today. Beginning in 1962 with the publication of the first edition of Criminal Interrogation and Confessions, the Reid Technique has become the standard in the industry – incorporating Behavior Symptom Analysis, the Reid Behavior Analysis Interview and the Reid Nine Steps of Interrogation as the foundation of the process.

Though the technique is highly recognized nationwide as unlawful and universally rejected the firm states within their lawsuit that the film mischaracterized the technique as a whole. Sources have stated that the suit warrants actual and punitive damages against DuVernay and Netflix. That the firm demands an injunction prohibiting further distribution of the series in its current form and disgorgement of Netflix’s profits from the limited series.

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