#HistoryMade : Montgomery Elects First Black Mayor Ever!

History has officially been made! After 200 long years #Montgomery , #Alabama has elected it’s very first black Mayor; Judge #StevenReed!

According to #Vox , the votes were officially tallied in Tuesday night; with the results reading 67% of residents courting in Reed’s favor over candidate and television station owner #DavidWoods. Reed serves as one out of the original 10 black candidates that attempted to run for office.


Reed’s main objective as Mayor elected is to inflict a positive and much needed change within Montgomery. He states he wants to address commonly neglected issues residents face; such as poor water quality and economic conditions. It has been stated that though he has been forwarded an extremely tight city budget he wants to create jobs and assist with the reconstruction of businesses.

On Tuesday night after the winning results were in Reed turned to a crowd of his devoted supporters to state,“This election has never been about just my ideas,” Reed States. “It’s been about all the hopes and dreams that we have as individuals and collectively in this city.”

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