#BlackCultureMatters : Zendaya Utilizes Platform To Bring Diversity To New York Fashion Week!

Former #Disney child actor and all around talent #Zendaya has spent the last couple years of her life breaking barriers of her own within show business. From tv shows to gracing the covers of numerous high-end fashion magazines Zendaya has established a platform she can be proud of. However, fame in our books means nothing if you are not using it to reach back and help someone.


The #NewYorkTimes reports, as part of New York Fashion Week Zendaya and the legendary clothing designer #TommyHilfiger conducted a live action cinematic showcase within the historical landmark of #ApolloTheater. The pair teamed up to debut their original Tommy X Zendaya fashion collaboration. Sources have indicated that Zendaya worked closely with Tommy, not only on designing the line but also handpicking a diverse line of models and production team members.


“There is a lot that needs fixing,” states Zendaya. “But representation and inclusivity is always at the forefront.” “There are doors left to open and doors to break down,” she continues. “Everyone needs to feel seen and like they are part of the fashion world.”

As we all know, the fashion industry has lacked diversity for years. Though black culture is at the forefront for influential inspiration; black and brown people still receive the short end of the stick. It has been stated that behind the scenes Zendaya made sure everyone from production down to the models sent an important message to the industry upon the beauty within diversity.

“For years and years it was inevitable that, when I came into a show, I was the only black person in the room, including the models,” stated make up artist Kayla Fenwick.


It has been stated that Tommy went the extra mile to make sure each model for this year’s collection varied in range to compliment all body shapes and sizes. The Tommy X Zendaya collaboration showcase casted a total of 59 black and brown models, from ages 18 to 70 years of age.

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