2 Million Gallons Of Sewage Dumped Into Flint River!

The #Flint, #Michigan water crisis has reigned as an ongoing battle for thousands of residents over the past 5-6 years. With lack of effort shown and assistance forwarded from the U.S Government the people of Flint have been forced to suffer in the open. Unfortunately as time progresses the issue has persisted, leading closer to turmoil and further from a solution.

#AtlantaBlackStar reports 2 million gallons of untreated sewage water has been dumped into the Flint River. Sources have indicated that the sewage was dump about a week ago on Aug.18th, as a result of what’s being identified as a “ Flash flood event”. According to the Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy, the primary settling tanks located at Flint’s treatment plant became flooded and needed to be dumped. Raw sewage dropped out of the tanks onto the ground, through a storm drain which led straight into the river.


As of right now there has been no information forwarded on the specifics of the amount of sewage that was dumped into the river. There has also been no solution forwarded as to how the government plans on addressing the pressing issue. However an advisory was sent out with instructions advising residents to stand clear of the river. It has been stated that the river contains high levels of bacteria related to the spill. The advisory has been placed into effect until further notice.

“The duration and intensity of the rain event caused an immediate and significant increase in flow, subsequently causing the primary tanks to overflow untreated sewage into the storm sewer and ultimately the river,” states Director of Department of Public Works Rob Bincsik. “Wastewater treatment plant staff did everything possible to minimize the discharge event but they are really at the mercy of Mother Nature in situations such as this.”

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