Moorehouse College Establishes Student Loan Elimination Program For Alumni’s!

Moorehouse college is establishing a new initiative for graduating students and alumni’s to help assist with the dreadful responsibility of student loans!

According to #NewsOne the initiative has been named The Student Success Program and has been rendered as the ultimate gift to students struggling with life after college. Sources have indicated that program will assist with decreasing student loan debt while helping them advance their careers and also further their education. The program will also educate former students on ways to overcome debt, while providing the necessary tools for financial literacy.

“The Morehouse College Student Success Program will provide students with a liberating gift that will wipe away or greatly reduce their student loans, allowing them to pursue their dreams and lead lives of leadership and service immediately after graduation,” states Morehouse President David A.Thomas.

Student loans serve as a major issue for thousand of people nation wide. With many current and former students struggling to make ends meet let alone pay for their education many are rerouting the direction of going to college simply because they can not afford it.

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