Alicia Keys Named Highest Selling R&B Singer Of The Decade!


Proud husband #SwizzBeatz took to the gram Thursday afternoon to not only confess his love of his wife #AliciaKeys but to celebrate her being named the highest selling R&B singer of the decade!

According to People Alicia has recently been crowned the most certified female R&B artist of the millennium. Sources have confirmed that the title was previously held by #Beyoncé .

Swizz’s Instagram post went viral with his display of love and affection as he crept up on Alicia washing dishes. He handed her a glass of wine as she appeared extremely shy and then humbly bowed to her accomplishments.

“This is serious! The highest selling R&B female artist of the decade, 16 million worldwide, beating everybody — everybody, and you’re just going to walk around the house, wash dishes, don’t say nothing about that?” says Swizz. He continues, “That’s big,” he says, before adding, “Congrats baby.”

Later on in the day Alicia took to her own Instagram to repost the video captured by Swizz with a lengthy caption that read, “He’s always creepin’ up on me!! 😆😆😆⁣”

The caption continues, “He thinks I’m too humble but that’s just me. I’m grateful. I’m honored that you chose to connect with me and show me so much love!! Wow!! The most certified female R&B artist of the millennium????? I had to re-look up the word millennium!!! 🤯🤯🤯 deaammmmnnnn and just putting my humility to the side for a sec…20 million albums sales and 27.5 Million certified digital sales (US) 💥💥💥 just sayin’ 💁🏽‍♀️⁣”


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