Dr.Angela Davis To Be Inducted Into The National Women’s Hall Of Fame!

The National Women’s Hall Of Fame originally established in 1969, consists of a long list of noble and prestigious women, highly recognized for their hard work and prestigious efforts. Next up on the inductee list of notable women is Political activist, educator and overall historical treasury Dr #AngelaDavis.

According to #BetNews ; on September 14th Dr. Davis, 75 will be recognized for her elite contributions to history, education and decades worth of accomplishments. Reports read that she will be added to the list of over 200 women who have previously been inducted.

Dr. Davis has been a faculty member at USC Santa Cruz for over 10 years as a History Professor. She teaches the History of Consciousness and Feminist Studies. Dr Davis is a well known activist who has forwarded decades worth of effort towards bringing awareness to incarceration, criminalization and societal issues faced within the Black community.

“We are pleased to add these American women to the ranks of inductees whose leadership and achievements have changed the course of American history,” states Betty Bayer, President of The National Women’s Hall of Fame.

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