Court Rules NYPD Officer Responsible For Death Of Eric Garner Will NOT Receive Federal Charges!

After five long years, a verdict has finally been reached upon the horrific murder of #EricGarner at the hands of New York City Police officials . Though we all hoped for a positive and justified outcome for such a horrific ordeal, the legal system reverified what we already knew that


“ Black Lives Don’t Matter”

According to #NBCNews , the Justice Department has concluded their investigation ironically one day before their deadline; with the decision to not issue federal charges against NYPD Officer #DanielPantaleo .


Pantaleo conducted a deadly chokehold on an unarmed Garner back in 2014 for allegedly selling loose, untaxed cigarettes. Though chokeholds are completely prohibited by the New York Police Department Pantaleo performed the move on Garner anyway.


It has been stated that Garner was an asthmatic and was heard a total of 11 times within the now viral video of the ordeal stating “ I can’t breathe!” A medical examiner confirmed the cause of Garner’s death was cause directly from the chokehold and ruled the incident a homicide.

Reports read that senior Justice Department official, Attorney General William Barr decided not to forward charges against the officer. Stating that Garner’s civil rights were not violated in anyway. Pantaleo has also argued for years that the move he performed differed from the chokehold and was actually called the seatbelt.


This decision was forwarded one day shy of Garner’s 5 year death anniversary.

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