Black Activist Sadie Roberts Joseph’s Murder Suspect Identified As Tenant Backed Up In Rent!

As we continue to send both love and light to the family of #SadieRobertsJoseph , horrific information has been forwarded upon the details of her death.


According to #NBCNews a tenant of Joseph’s by the name of Ronn Jermaine Bell,38 has been identified as a key suspect in her murder. Sources have indicated that Bell has currently been charged with first degree murder. Autopsy reports shows that Sadie’s direct cause of death derived from traumatic asphyxia.


Police Officials have indicated that there has been no motive forwarded as of yet. However reports show that Bell was several months behind on rent.

Reports read that Bell is a registered sex offender who previously pleaded guilty to aggravated rape the rape of an 8 year old girl in 2007. He served a total of 7 years in prison

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