UPDATE : Human Remains Found Within Search Of Four Year Old Missing Texas Girl Maleah Davis

#Family ; we regret to inform you that new and devastating news has been forwarded upon the case of missing #Houston , #Texas 4 year old girl #MaleahDavis. Details have recently been issued indicating that young Maleah is dead along with disclosed information pertaining to the location of where her body was dumped.

According to #ABCNews13 ; officials have located a large black bag within on Friday evening wthin Arkansas that contains blood, and bones accompanied with a foul oder upon their search of Maleah. Sources have indicated that community leader and activist Quanell X, who also took on the roll of being a key speaker for Maleah’s Mother Brittany Owens’; was forwarded a confession of her murder. Maleah’s step father who is noted as the main suspect within her death / disappearance #DerionVince; confessed to Quanell that he accidentally killed her and dumped her body in the Arkansas river. Officials have not concluded whether or not the discovered body parts belong to Maleah, but have stated that the bones have been indicated to be of a child. Reports read that an investigation is underway and will take sometime to identify the person.

Sources have indicated that Quanell told local reporters that Vince confessed to him directly earlier that Friday; “All I can say is he told me it was an accident, and that she is dead and where he dumped her body.” It has been stated that Quanell did not disclose any specific of young Maleah’s death pertaining to how she died.
“He said he pulled over in Arkansas, got out of the car, walked off the side of the road, and dumped her body off the side of the road, he goes on to state “I think it’s the truth. I don’t think he was lying to me. I think he was telling the truth. Many men have confessed to this type of crime.’

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