Usher Settles $20 Million Herpes Lawsuit!

It has been a long and awkward road for the #Atlanta native R&B singer #Usher Raymond; upon the extremely public legal allegations taken towards him pertaining to the spreading of genital herpes. Recent news shows that he may be able to put this situation far behind him soon enough!

According to #RapUp ; Usher was accused back in 2017 for exposing Laura Helm to genital herpes after they had unprotected sex together. Within forwarded reports to #TMZ ; sources have indicated that both Helm and Usher have reached a common ground upon the allegations and “reached an amicable resolution.” Though details of the resolution haven’t been forwarded, the case is said to be dismissed with prejudice. Implicating that the case can not be reopened and is completely sealed.

Reports read Helm originally sued for $10 million and then proceeded to sue for double upon allegations of emotional harm and damages. Furthermore filing to dismiss the case and then forwarding motion to reopen it back in 2018. 

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