HBO Documentary Premiere “ Leaving Never Land: Michael Jackson And Me “ Leads To Music Being Muted From Radio!

The  two part #HBO premiere of “ Leaving Never Land: Michael Jackson and me “ has raised a few eyebrows upon the late King of Pop #MichaelJackson; as two men have come forward upon in-depth accusations of alleged child molestation they’ve endured.


According to #CNBC , the docuseries premiered this past week in both the United States and United Kingdom. The documentary consists of two young men named Wade Robinson and James Safechuck who recalled being sexually abused by Jackson at the ages of 7 and 10 years old. Sources have indicated that Jackson’s estate is forwarding motion to sue HBO and has filed a $100 million dollar lawsuit. Rumors were previously within rotation upon Jackson and his questionable relationships with children in the past. Ultimately he was officially acquitted of child molesation charges back in 2005 .

It has been stated that radio stations within Canada, New Zealand, Australia and multiple other major radio stations are officially removing Michael Jackson songs from their playlist. “We are attentive to the comments of our listeners, and the documentary released on Sunday evening created reactions. We prefer to observe the situation by removing the songs from our stations, for the time being” stated Christine Dicarie, Director Of communications and media at Cogeco Media. 

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