Smokey Robin Calls Everyone Upset Over JLO’s Tribute To Motown Stupid!

Bronx, New York native Jennifer Lopez hit the stage this past #Grammy weekend, to pay tribute to the legendary hit making machine of  #Motown. It’s fair to say there has been a split decision upon JLO’s overall performance. Half of the viewers writing the dance routine off as a “hot mess” as oppose to the other half who believe she did an amazing job. Okay we’re lying, at least 90% of ya’ll thought it was trash, she did try tho.

According to #HelloBeautiful ; the legendary #SmokeyRobinson , made it his business to come to JLO’s rescue pertaining to the immediate backlash she received. “I don’t think anyone who is intelligent is upset,” States Robinson in a forwarded statement .“I think anyone who is upset is stupid. “ Pretty harsh words from Robinson, how can having an opinion make you stupid?

Here’s the issue guys: Jeniffer Lopez is extremely talented, she’s over 40 years of age and to be honest, sis still got it. She’s a performing artist but her vocals didn’t match the soulful sounds of Motown that we remember. . However there is an underlying issue with the fact that no other soul or even R&B artist was offered the opportunity. To say Lopez Performance was bad in our opinion would be a far reach. It’s safer to say that this  specific gig was just not in her lane.

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