White Male Caught Waving Gun At Black Teens During Peaceful Protest!

The annual #WheelsUpGunsDown event took place yesterday Jan. 21st in  #Miami , #Florida . As numerous motorist and bicyclist gather together to protest for a bigger cause, a horrific turn of events made it very apparent that peace and turmoil are never too far apart. 

According to #WSVN viral video shows a white female within an accelerating confrontation with black teenage bicyclists, during the “ Wheels Up Guns Down “ event. Sources have indicated the footage derived from a cell phone of an alternate dreamer while participating in the protest. The woman is seen shouting at the teen’s for them to move out of the highway intersection: “Please move your bikes! “ “I have kids I need to pick up!”  She then indicates that one of the bikers purposely ran over her foot. Moments after #MarkAllenBartlett appears with a gun in his hand stating : “Get the [expletive] out of here, you [expletive] piece of [expletive], You [expletive] losers. “ “You stupid [expletive] .” Bartlett uses the N-word multiple times within the video.

Sources state Miami City Police Officials have Bartlett in police custody. He is being charged with carrying a concealed weapon without a gun permit. There is a current investigation going on to verify if this crime is eligible for a hate crime.

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