Second Black Male Found Dead Due To Incidental Drug Overdose At Rich Democratic Donor’s Apartment.



Less than two years ago we reported the apparent death of 26 year old #GemmelMoore ; who was found unresponsive in the home of well known democratic donor #EdBuck due to an“ accidental “  methamphetamine overdose.


Accoring to the #HuffPost Buck was never charged, the entire case was dismissed due to “ lack of evidence. “ Sources state Moore made numerous journal entries pertaining to the mental, emotional and physical abuse he endured at the hands of Buck. Writing indetail about Buck’s fascination with experimenting on gay black males. How he forced these young men to use heavy amounts of drugs, and watching them reach their maximum drug intake and how their body reacts. Moore states, Buck fetishizes gay black males who are deemed to be homeless and lured them in with money. 

On Monday morning an another man within his 50’s was found dead in Buck’s West Hollywood apartment.  Officials state there are limited details as of right now.  Buck’s attorney has forwarded a statement indicating : “he  was an old friend who died of an accidental overdose” of drugs he had used before coming to Buck’s home. “ Sources state that both incidents are coming off as more than a coincidence, especially since many male escorts have come forward with the same story. 

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