R Kelly Responds To Life Time Docuseries: #SurvivingRKelly !

This has been a pretty heavy weekend as we all watched the six part docuseries : #SurvingRKelly presented by #Lifetime; with a mixture of emotions, confusion and empathy . Social media has literally been a war zone as everyone re-evaluates friendships and relationships based upon one another’s response or lack there of.

According to #TheShaderoom prior to the series premier, members of #RKellys team came forward threatening to sue Lifetime if they moved forward with the release of the docuseries. Lifetime within response to Kelly’s threat did the complete opposite and followed suit, releasing the series within its full proximity. Sources close to the notorious pedophile stated that not only did he not watch the series but he is deeply disgusted by the entire thing.

Kelly states that majority of the parties involved in creating the series are all apart of a deep vendetta set against him. Also stating that he doesn’t know most of the women who have shared their stories,  that numerous celebrities and public figures reached out to production to tell the truth behind everything and were declined. How convenient right?

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