Michael B. Jordan Explains Why He Compared Black Women To Chocolate Milk


America’s Favorite heartthrob and super villain  #MichaelBJordan has had one heck of a year. From photo spreads to box office hits Jordan has kept his fans extremely pleased with each move made within 2018. But beyond the glitz and glam of Hollywood;  Jordan has repeatedly found himself in the hot seat with the ladies when questions of the type of women he prefers come into play.

It has been an ongoing rumor that Brother Jordan is just not into the sisters. After being spotted at a boat party that consisted of no black female invites earlier this year; Jordan has found himself having to explain why he has never been spotted with a black women who wasn’t a family member or co-star. According to #Blavity ; in a live Instagram video, Jordan attempted to defend himself against the immediate bashing. “Y’all are wylin’ right now. Y’all are buggin’ … yes, I’m on vacation right now, okay? I’m traveling around,” Y’all doin’ too much. “I like milk. I like chocolate milk — I love chocolate milk. And I like almond milk, strawberry milk. You know the cinnamon toast crunch? The milk after that, I like that, too. That’s pretty good. I like milk period. Y’all just doin’ a lot. Y’all gotta chill.”


Within a  recent interview with #GQmagazine ; Jordan states he didn’t fully process his statement of comparing women to milk.  In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have, as I was doing it, all my boys, everyone, were just like, ‘Mike, put the phone down.’ But I was like, ‘Nah, I need to get this off my chest.’ I just felt like it was unfair, I guess. I just felt emotional at the time.”

Jordan openly admits to feeling as if he’s thriving in major components of his life but falls short when it comes down to dating and relationships.

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