“ A Black Man Can Not Be Deemed A God Guy With A Gun “ ; Brave Security Guard STOPS Bar Shooting And Is Then Murdered By Police

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 #Family we would like to take this time to send our thoughts and prayers to a hero by the name of Jemel Roberson, 26. Early Sunday morning; Roberson while serving as a security guard at a local bar,single handily stopped a shootout.

According to #Vox ; Roberson reprimanded the culprit at gun point and pinned him down as he waited for the police. Upon arrival of Chicago officials sources state the police shot and killed Roberson due to the fact that he had a gun and was dressed in all black.  Reports conclude that the entire ordeal occurred at Manny’ Blue Room Bar in Illinois when a group of men returned back to the bar after an argument. Sources state one individual began shooting and that’s when Roberson stepped in.

Bystanders screamed “ security, he’s the security guard” as officials immediately opened fire.  Sources also state that Roberson had a fire arm owner identification card within his possession; which allows him to legally own a firearm or ammunition as an Illinois resident.  According to #CNN ; Roberson’s Mother has officially filed a law suit against the unnamed officer for over $1 million within suit of the violation of Roberson’s rights, and excessive and unreasonable death.

Roberson was a father to a 9 month old baby girl, gospel musician and aspiring police officer. Citizens are enraged; police officials have sent the message that a “ Black man can not be deemed a good guy with a gun “

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