​9 Year old girl caught in crossfire of a Shot out, dies instantly


Her name is Saniyah Nicholson; 9 Year old girl from Cleveland, Ohio. Wednesday evening, Saniyah accompanied her mother Marshawanette Daniels and older sister to pick up her brother from a local boxing gym ( DNA Level boxing club) that he attended for the last few years. Marshawanette exited the car to gather her son while Saniyah and her older sister stayed in the car. 


Moments later, a single bullet teared through the windshield, striking 9 Year old Saniyah within the forehead, causing her immediate death.
Saniyah’s sister obtained no injuries.

The entire ordeal took place at 730pm within the North Lee Road & Cloverside Avenue Area, right outside the boxing gym. Police officials subscribe the surrounding events was between two group of teen age boys. A car preoccupied with 2-3 males initially released fire at 2 alternate males; there was roughly a total of 15 bullets released .

“I held my baby in my arms and she was already dead,” Daniels states during a heartbreaking interview with “I’m a nurse and I couldn’t do anything for her.”
Mother of young Saniyah states that she is devastated beyond measure.
“It’s going to be okay eventually, but right now I just want my baby back. I want her. She was everything.”


Police officials have charged 19 Year Old Devontae Nettles. Court documents deem him as the driver as two other seventeen year olds released fire states All parties who occupied the vehicle have been arrested. One of two teens who were on foot have been arrested. Police officials are awaiting the issuing of a warrant to arrest final suspect who is a sixteen year old boy.

This is a very sad week for our youth. Within the last 48-72hrs over three fatal stories of children under the age of Sixteen have lost their lives due to violence. Granted we understand that danger is everywhere but as human beings we can all agree that none of us want to lose or lives due to senseless acts of hatred.

Life is very short and can end within a matter of seconds. We have to love each other and ultimately ourselves. There’s argument imaginable that can even remotely equal to a human life. As a society, as human beings as a whole, we have to do better. Present and future generations depend upon our decision making

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