​Serial kidnapper within the West Side Chicago Area; leaves 2 females dead and 3 still missing since March

Since early March of 2018, within a five mile radius of the North Lawndale and East Garfield park area of Chicago,  a series of 4-8 teenage girls and Women have gone missing. The victims ages range from 16-65.


15 Year old; Sadaria Davis was last seen alive April.25th, 2018. Her lifeless and mutilated body was found six blocks away from her home on May.11th,2018 in an abandoned building. states the teen’s fingers were cut off and a few of her body parts were missing. Multiple reports state she was the friend of #KennekaJenikins. Teenage girl also from the Chicago area whose body was found within a hotel freezer at the Crowne Hotel last September with missing body parts.


Shantieya Smith 26 was last seen May.26th, 2018 leaving her home with a suspicious gentlemen stated Shantieya’s mother. She states she had attempted to call the number he had once provided to inquire about Shantieya’s where abouts but the number shortly became disconnected. Two weeks later Shantieya was found dead in a garage within Northern Lawndale underneath a car. Autopsy has been deemed inclusive, unknowing cause of death.


Anna Stanislawczyk Age 18, has been missing since 3-16-18


Victoria Garret, Age 15 has been missing since 5/25/18


Daisy Hayes,  Age 65 has been missing since 5/1/18.


Though all of these young ladies and women have gone missing within the same exact area or not too far within radius, Chicago Police officials refuse to deem each crime as being connected. Each young lady’s story has been over looked and not given the proper coverage or media attention these women deserve. There are no in-depth investigations, or conversations between Police officials and the victims families. The authorities haven’t taking the initiative to cope with the fact that a serial kidnapper is taunting the entire West side of Chicago. Why aren’t the police more involved?

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