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Tokyo Olympics Enforces Ban Against Swimming Caps For Afros And Natural Hair


In the last week there has been nothing less ‘interesting’ activity surrounding the upcoming Tokyo Olympics .

To add on to things the Federation for International Competitions in Water Sports has officially banned all swimming caps for competing swimmers with Afros and natural hair!

A Black owned company that manufactures swimming caps for natural hair swimmers had designed headgear for the big competition was ruled against by the Federation reports TMZ.

The Federation claims that the decision was made, “best knowledge, the athletes competing at the International events never used, neither require to use caps of such size and configuration. They also insist that adding the caps would interfere with “the nature form of the head.”

The Soul Cap company responded to the Federation’s claims by saying, “We hoped to further our work for diversity in swimming by having our swim caps certified for competition, so swimmers at any level don’t have to choose between the sport they love and their hair.”

Cousins, what are your thoughts on this?

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