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50 Year Old Male Says He Felt His Penis Crack During Sexual Intercourse; Diagnosed With Rare Eggplant Deformity!

-Eldica Stuart- Cousins! Just in case you’re wondering why eggplants have been making headlines lately, there is said to be a 50-year-old Indonesian man who recently discovered he has a rare diagnosis to his penis called “eggplant deformity” According to the New York Post the unidentified man, heard a “crack” during sexual intercourse with his wife. […]

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Tampon Added To The List Of Essential Items Currently Experiencing Shortages!

-Kacee Biggs- Cousins! Tampons have become the latest essential care item to get hit by a shortage, following the recent baby formula shortages in the U.S. Women across the country are currently reporting difficulties finding the tampon of their choice. With Supply and demand skyrocketing, manufacturers have responded in saying that they are boosting production […]