R. Kelly Files Lawsuit Against Tasha K And Federal Prison For Allegedly Leaking His Private Information!

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Cousins! R. Kelly is spending his time in the slammer getting his ducks in a row as he’s officially decided to take legal action against the U.S. government as well as Tasha K. upon claims of leaking his personal information!

According to reports from TMZ, R. Kelly has filed a lawsuit against a string of Bureau Prisons workers who he claims strategized with Tasha to release his private affairs to the public. The defamed singer says that sensitive information pertaining to his time in custody at a Chicago jail was released without his approval.

Kelly alongside his attorney Jennifer Bonjean share beliefs that officials agreed to a deal of some sort with Tasha to provide her his personal information.

The 56 year also alleges that a cash exchange was made in efforts of issuing exclusive content to Tasha’s growing audience on YouTube. Within court documents obtained by TMZ, Kelly accuses Tasha of purposely releasing menacing content about him with the intent to invade his privacy and cause him emotional distress.

Kelly is calling out the U.S government for acting negligently in allegedly allowing access to his personal prison activity to be shared with the general public.

Sources share that Kelly is currently seeking major damages surrounding his claims going as far back as 2019. Kelly is currently serving out a lengthy prison sentence within a North Carolina federal facility.

Tasha has seemingly racked up celebrity lawsuits throughout the years. She’s recently lost a defamation case issued by Cardi B.

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