Social Media Users Speculate Whether JT And Lil Uzi Vert Decided To Call It Quits!

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Cousins! Folks on Twitter are deep in conversation as they ponder if JT and Lil Uzi Vert have decided to officially call it quits!

Fans have noticed that the two have seemingly unfollowed one another on Instagram while also deleting certain pictures together on their feeds. The City Girl group member has also changed her Instagram name which recently read her first name and Uzi’s last name, ‘Jatavia Woods’ to ‘JT’

Though neither JT nor Uzi has publicly addressed the circulating rumors, Uzi did say last week within an Instagram story that his relationship wasn’t in the best shape.

“Life is becoming so different. Hopefully for the better,” their series of Stories began. “This time I won’t stop my journey to happiness or being one of the greatest musicians ever. My last album will definitely help you remember who is the one. Thank you,” wrote Uzi.

The rapper continued to vent by saying, “I’m not as close to my family as I should be. My relationship isn’t in the best shape. I JUST WANNA BREATHE… I’ve been distant from everyone lately, even if they are standing right next to me.”

Fans also seem to believe that JT’s interview on The Breakfast Club where she said that their BET Awards scuffle was due to a misunderstanding involving one of Uzi’s friend, may have ignited further issues for them.

JT explained that Uzi had given her to seat to his friend Bari instead of making sure she had somewhere to sit first. She also shot down claims that their argument had anything to do with her feeling intimidated by Ice Spice.

“You should have made sure I had that seat. “It was never about another artist.”

Bari fired back on social media following JT’s interview to write, ““stop lying.” “He ain’t want you [sitting] there, dumb bi**h. Stop lying. She was really mad about Ice Spice, not about me. She called him a groupie cause he was sitting next to her.”

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