Missouri Woman Actively Fights To Prove Her Existence After Being Identified As Dead For The Last 15+ Years!

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Cousins! A Missouri woman is currently undergoing an active struggle following countless attempts to prove that she is alive after mistakenly being pronounced deceased over fifteen years ago!

Madeline-Michelle Carthen says that her academic career has deeply been affected after she was unable to participate in Webster University’s international internship exchange program reports Fox News. It has been stated that she was also unable to graduate or receive financial aid due to her social security number being labeled as deceased.

“I said, ‘What do you mean? I’m sitting right here. I’ve been at school over a year and a half. … How am I dead? Is this going to affect my international internship?’”

Madeline says that the battle to prove she is alive and living has been a tireless one, as she has made numerous attempts including contacting local and state office officials for assistance in resolving this issue.

“I’m here for the long haul. I just want this over with,” says Madeline. “This is not right. I could’ve had my Ph.D. by now. I could have been teaching academia right now.”

She claims to have contacted all four Presidents who have held office within the last fifteen to sixteen-year span. Madeline also says that she had received a response from the White House administration while former President Donald Trump was in office but, still, she had no luck with her situation.

“I’m in Missouri, but I’m back and fourth between here and Tennessee,” she says. ” I had to give up my home. I don’t have a place to stay. I can’t get mortgage.”

Sadly Madeline’s unfortunate situation hasn’t only affected her, she says that her son has been unable to secure a college education because she can’t sign his Federal Student Aid application without her having an active Social Security number.

Per the Social Security Administration office, if an individual is marked as deceased while actually being alive they have to visit a local SSA office with an alternative form of identification. Upon verification, the individual will receive a written letter confirming the proposed death listing error. The letter is eligible to be presented to doctors, financial institutions, etc.

According to KDSK News, Madeline has been in communication with the SSA and even secured a death inaccuracy letter to forward to creditors as proof she is still alive, however her issues didn’t end there.

“It got worse, because it wasn’t creditors. Being in the death master file, it went to the IRS, it went to the Department of Homeland Security, it went to E-verify, all of these things. It just started affecting my life,” she told the outlet.

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