Longtime School Bus Driver Fired For Allegedly Drinking While On The Job Says It Was A Mistake!

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Cousins! A woman who has worked as a bus driver for over ten years has been fired recently following claims of her drinking on the job while driving students home from school!

According to reports from News 12, Amal Hanna had been seen consuming an alcoholic beverage as she drove. However she says that the entire ordeal is a major misunderstanding.

Within in an interview, Amal recalls the October 4th incident in detail. She explains that she had been heading out to work and she grabbed what she believed was a regular seltzer water from the fridge that belonged to her roommate.

Amal says that she was unaware that the White Claw brand obtained alcohol as she has trouble tasting most things because of chemotherapy. She says to local news that she didn’t taste any alcohol in the beverage.

“For people like me that don’t drink, how are they going to know this is alcohol?” said the 60 year old.

Sources state that when Amal was spotted with the hard seltzer in her cup holder she was immediately removed from her shift.

“This alleged conduct is completely unacceptable, and the driver has been immediately removed from service,” says WE Transport Inc., the bus company that employed her, in a statement to News 12.

Suffolk County Police officials state that Amal was unaware that the beverage obtained any alcohol and that no charges will be filed.

Smithtown School District Superintendent Mark Secaur says within an issued statement following the incident that he has, “received a report of a bus driver drinking an alcoholic beverage while on the route to bring students home from High School West. It was confirmed that an alcoholic beverage was on board, and the driver was promptly taken from the bus, and a different driver completed the route.”

Reports read that a series of parents have vouched for the beloved bus driver describing her as punctual and attentive professional that always treated each student with care.

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched on Amal’s behalf by a parent of one of the students. The fund is said to help assist her emotionally and financially.

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