Tyler James Williams Reportedly Filed For Protective Order Against An Alleged Stalker That Drove Over 2,000 Miles To Visit Him!

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Cousins! Actor Tyler James Williams is currently seeking legal assistance in regards to a stalker that he claims has been actively seeking to come in direct contact with him over the last few months!

According to reports from Radar Online, Tyler has asked a judge to officially sign off on a restraining order petition against a man identified in court documents as John Doe.

The “Abbott Elementary” star has issued claims that John Doe has attempted on numerous occasions to contact him on social media.

“In his direct messages to me, he revealed a history of past trauma, social abandonment, and the need for medication. He seems unstable and is also delusional since he believes we have a relationship,” wrote the 30 year old.

“Through an investigation, I learned that he traveled over 2200 miles to contact me and then trespassed inside my secure apartment building. Once inside the building, he repeatedly banged on my door while asking me to open my door.”

Tyler states that John Doe has taken things a bit further recently in traveling across the country in efforts to find him.

He expressed that he is, “terrified and concerned the person will show up to his home again. He also says he fears his alleged stalker could attempt to physically harm him.

Tyler tells the court that he captured John Doe on the ring camera of his apartment.

The actor explains that he is terrified and that he has not returned to his apartment since the incident took place.

Tyler is currently asking for the judge to approve an order against John Doe to stay 100 yards away from him. He has also informed security guards who work in his building that if they come in physical contact with John Doe, to advise him that he does not want to talk.

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