Texas Teenager Receives Double Suspension From School For Wearing Locs; Accused Of Violating District Dress & Grooming Code!

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Cousins! A Texas teenager that was scheduled to make his return to school recently, has received an additional suspension upon claims that he violated the district’s dress and grooming code due to his hairstyle.

According to reports from CNN, Darryl George has been suspended from school for over two weeks for wearing his hair in locs. The 17-year-old is currently being accused of violating codes in accordance with the Barbers’ Hill Independent School.

The code details that male students with hair should not proceed with their eyebrows or below their ear lobes.

Reports read that Darryl was originally chastised by a school staff member for wearing distressed jeans. Though he was advised that he could change his clothes, he was also informed that he would have to cut his hair.

Darryl’s mother Darresha George tells CNN that when her son refused to cut his hair he was placed on an in-school suspension.

An attorney for the family, Allie Booker says that school officials have requested for Darryl and his mother to meet with them to discuss disciplinary action in regard to his hairstyle. Reports read that they’ve been issued a deadline of Wednesday, September 21st to meet.

“What I expect for them to try to do is to put him out of school,”says Booker.

Its has been stated that if Darryl decides to not cut his hair he will be placed within a Disciplinary Alternative Education Program.

Darryl is a junior at Barbers Hill High School located in Mont Belvieu. He was suspended for wearing his locs styled within a ponytail.

Reports read that Darryl was suspended the same week the state’s CROWN Act went into effect. The law directly prohibits discrimination against anyone regarding their hair texture or protective styles, including braids and locs.

The teen’s family is currently considering taking legal action at this time.

David Bloom, director of communications for the Barbers Hill Independent School District, says within a issued statement to the district that he is “unable to provide any comment with respect to disciplinary matters involving a student.”

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