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Kid Cudi Reveals That He Was Salty When He Lost The Main Character Role To Daniel Kaluuya In ‘Get Out’, “I Thought I Ate That Sh*t Up”

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Cousins! Kid Cudi is definitely no stranger to being fully transparent with his fans on social media regarding his feelings!

While participating in a question and answer segment on Twitter with his fans dubbed #AskScott, Cudi was asked about projects in the film he wishes he would’ve had the opportunity to be cast for.

“Ok lets talk for a lil 😌✌🏾✨

Got some time before I pass out. I wanna hear from yall #AskScott,” reads a tweet.

The 39-year-old revealed that he had previously auditioned for Jordan Peele’s Oscar award-winning movie, “Get Out”. Cudi explained that though he had a great audition production went in a different direction.

“I wish I got Get Out,” Cudi said in a recently shared. “I auditioned and Jordan was impressed and I thought I ate that shit up. I was so salty I didn’t get it that I didn’t even go see it in the theater when it was poppin. I watched it a year later at home.”

The rapper added that though he was upset about not landing the role, he believes that actor Daniel Kaluuya did a great job.

“I was sick haha but to be real, Daniel was the best choice,” he said jokingly.

“—-but to be real, Daniel was the best choice hes a master and did a phenominal job.”

Despite not landing the role of Chris Washington in ‘Get Out’ , Kudi earned further success on the big screen in projects like Are Who We Are, X, Crater, and his animated Netflix movie special Entergalactic.

Cousins, what y’all think could Cudi have executed the role of Chris in ‘Get Out’ ?

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