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Saucy Santana Speaks On Erica Mena And Bambi Arrests; Shuts Down Rumors That ZellSwag Assaulted A Woman!

Cousins! A few of ‘Love And Hip Hop’ stars found themselves in the middle of a bar fight last night that ended in handcuffs!

According to TMZ, Erica Mena alongside Bambi and Zell Swagg were booked into Fulton County jail on multiple charges.

Reports read that Zell born Rodney Shaw, is facing simple battery and obstruction charges. Bambi born Addie Richardson, has been charged with obstruction also. While Erica is apparently the only one charged with attacking a cop.

Sources state that the incident took place on Friday at Lucca Longe, as officials were alerted of a dispute between partygoers and the venue’s security guards. Officials state that upon their arrival the crowd of people which included Erica, Bamb, and Zell became belligerent.

As video clips of the incident hit social media, Zell’s partner Saucy Santana took to Instagram to clear up some things and shut down speculations.

“Okay y’all we gon make this quick,” Saucy began. “ So last night my n**** was not fighting no girls he had gotten into it with the security or the authorities. He was out with his homegirls, I was out with him and his friends.”

Saucy continued, “Erica was very belligerent. I don’t know maybe she got too drunk out whatever the case is, she was real wild last night.”

“She had gotten into it with the security guards——it was like 3-4 big security guards on top of her. So Zell was just being a man and trying to de-escalate the situation. People started tussling with Zell and that’s how he ended up going to jail.”

Within the circulated clip Saucy can be seen exiting stage left of the incident as the fight continued. The rapper says, “I got the f*** out of dodge because I don’t play that. Zell know I don’t play that. I don’t know how anybody else play about their name but I know about mine.”

Towards the end of the Instagram video Saucy showed Zell off to the side, as he says he got him out of jail.

( 📸: Fulton County Jail | 🎥: @tmz_tv )

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