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Audio Cuts Off During Beyoncé’s Tour Stop In Phoenix, Arizona!

Cousins! Beyonce experienced a little mishap last night during her #Renaissance world tour stop in Phoenix, Arizona as the sound system went completely out!

The incident took place Thursday evening as Bey packed out the State Farm Arena in Glendale, Arizona. Within a series of video clips shared to social media, it appears that the shutdown took place as she sang her hit song ‘Alien Superstar’.

Beyoncé and her dancers are said to had continued on performing as they believed the outage wouldn’t last. In true Bey hive fashion, fans continued to sing along despite the issue. However, it wasn’t long before everyone exited the stage.

Fans on social media state that the show had paused for roughly ten minutes or so and geared back up shortly. Beyoncé returned to the stage debuting a chrome new outfit and picked up where she had left off.

Further along in the show Beyoncé explained, “”you know there’s certain nights, the crowd
is so loud, that so much charge makes the
power go out.”

Don’t y’all hate when that happens? 😉🐝

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