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Stop Work Orders Issued To 25+ Boston Market Locations In New Jersey For Worker Rights Violations!

Cousins! The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development has recently forwarded “Stop Work” orders to nearly thirty Boston Market locations following the discovery of unpaid wages, failure to pay minimum wage, and additional issues!

According to reports from NBC News, the restaurant chain is said to owe more than $600,000 in back wages between 314 employees.

Over 25+ Boston Market restaurants have been issued orders that require all work to stop under the threat of a penalty of $5,000 a day if work continues.

“With restaurants across the country, Boston Market needs to set a better example for fair treatment of its workers,” said Joseph Petrecca of the NJDOL in an issued statement.

Officials state that an investigation was launched in response to a complaint received by the NJDOL ’s Division of Wage and Hour and Contract Compliance in November 2022 from a Boston Market employee in Mercer County.

CNN reports that Boston Market has been facing financial difficulties since they were acquired by Engage Brands in 2020 in partnership with the Rohan Group of Companies.

It has been stated that the food chain is up against a 12-million-dollar lawsuit issued by food distributor US Food upon allegations of Boston Market owning 11 million dollars in unpaid bills. They are also being sued by landlords from Arizona and Massachusetts.

Boston Market is said to have had over 1,000 locations across the United States in 2022, in comparison to now where there are only 300 up-and-running locations.

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