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“The Beyoncé Bump” Financial Experts Confirm That Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour Has Amplified Spending Across The World Bringing In Major Dollars At Small Businesses, Airlines And Hotels!

(📸: Kevin Mazur/WireImage for Parkwood)

Cousins! Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour is definitely doing its big one as it not only allows fans to engage with her in an unforgettable experience of pure entertainment but is also successfully influencing the economy on a global scale!

Financial experts are referring to the economic supercharge as the “Beyoncé Bump” as they’ve noticed the singer’s Renaissance tour has amplified spending across the world bringing in major bucks for small businesses, airlines, hotels, beauty service providers, and more.

According to Fortune, concertgoers have fully invested into purchasing fashion-inspired attire for the Renaissance tour. This mostly includes Black, silver, or metallic futuristic outfits.

“Beyoncé seems to now be sharing the success with local businesses along her tour route, specifically Black-, women-, and LGBTQ+-owned establishments. In Philadelphia, LGBTQ+ shops enjoyed the biggest Beyoncé bump across all shopping categories, with a near tripling of searches, the Yelp report found. Transportation got a boost as well, especially high-end services such as town cars and limousines, which were searched 69% and 23%” reports Fortune.

Statistics show that Yelp searches for nail techs have bumped 3x in the last year including wig searches have increased by 81% along with a 160% search increase for local lounges and eateries near listed tour stop stadiums.

“Beyoncé is a force, and it’s fascinating to see the level of excitement and tangible interest generated for the local shops and businesses as her tour kicks off,” says Tara Lewis, Yelp’s trend expert.

“Whether it’s people looking for dining and nightlife options, getting glammed up, or booking transportation, the ‘Beyoncé Bump’ is real, and it’s helping more people connect with local businesses in their communities.”

Financial experts noticed the “Beyoncé Bump” on their radar as the Renaissance tour kicked off in Stockholm back in May. It has been stated that her influence is temporarily inflated consumer price in the city.

“Beyoncé’s start of her world tour in Sweden seems to have colored May inflation, how much is uncertain,” Michael Grahn, chief economist for Danske Bank in Sweden, wrote on Twitter, reports ESSENCE.

The tour accounted “for 0.2 percentage points of the 0.3 percentage points that hotels and restaurants added for the month,” he said.

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