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Monica Speaks Out Following Altercation During Her Detroit Performance, “I Apologized There And I’m Apologizing Here For My Actions But No One Would Take Action”

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Cousins! Monica Denise has issued a second apology along with clarification of last night’s events during her performance in Detroit!

The singer says that she saw a man within the audience punch a woman full force and that no one stepped in so she did.

“Don’t you hit her like that?! You don’t hit no lady like that n****, are you out of your f***** mind?!” Monica can be heard saying while on stage, according to circulated video footage.

The 42-year-old can be seen within the viral video clip jumping into the crowd toward the man and women in question. Security immediately followed behind Monica and the man was eventually taken out of the venue.

Monica is said to have apologized to her fans following the discretion and continued performing.

“I seen him punch that lady in the face, I lost my f*ckin’ temper. I apologize y’all. I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I was gonna knock [his] a** out with this f*ckin’ mic.”

The following day within the comment section of The Shaderoom, Monica apologized again while further explaining how the interaction ultimately triggered her.

“He punched her with all his strength! My intentions were to prevent her from being hit again and she wasn’t! I asked for help, it fell on deaf ears! It was like seeing my mother or an aunt be assaulted!! This woman was 50+ I pray she’s okay!”

Appearing in an interview with CNN the Grammy nominated singer says she doesn’t feel like a hero and that she only wanted to help make sure the woman was safe. “Simply put, I didn’t want to see her hurt or harmed, and her not make it back home after coming just to be a concertgoer for myself and Ashanti (who also played at the festival),” she said.

Monica added, “I did what I hope someone would do if they saw that happening to my aunt or mother.”

We pray that the victim is doing well ♥️

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