Tyler Perry Makes Forbes List As Self Made Billionaire!


Congratulations are in order as the man of many proven talents #TylerPerry has officially made the #ForbesList as a self made billionaire!

According to the @Blast , Tyler’s overall income has made major leaps within the past few years.

Throughout his career, Tyler was able to write, direct and produce a total of 22 films, over 24 plays and multiple television series totaling in over 1,000 episodes combined all of which he owns 100% of.

But it doesn’t stop there, Tyler also has been paid $ 1.5 billion dollars in pre tax revenue since 2005 following his Madea plays. Reports also show that Tyler has over $300 million dollars in investments.

Last year Tyler debut his own studio in Georgia ranging over 330 acres, which other creative production companies also utilize for their projects. That has been identified as being worth a cool $280 million.

Sources have confirmed that Tyler landed a major deal with ViaComCBS that pays him $150 million dollars a year to create and produce new content. Tyler has equity stake within the new streaming service under the BET+ app. All of which has successfully upped his revenue to an additional $60 million.

Tyler owns homes in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming paired with two private jets.

We don’t know about y’all but we’re inspired heavily. Congrats Mr.Perry!


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