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California State To Provide Free College Tuition For Foster Care Youth!

Cousins! The state of California has approved a new legislation that will allow foster youth the ability to attend college free of charge!

The official announcement was issued on Monday, July 17th as legislation SB 307 was signed into the state’s budget, reports KTLA 5. It has been stated that the issued order in partnership with the new Fostering Futures Program, will cover tuition at the University of California, California State Univeristy and California community college.

Statistics show that 93% of foster youth in California seek to attend college, however under 5% of them will actually attend and graduate with a degree. Sources state that foster youth are heavily impacted by different occurrences that weigh against their ability to obtain a higher education such as living expenses.

“Far too many foster youth want to go to college, and are unable to afford it,” says Senator Ashby. “This funding will ensure that California’s most vulnerable young people can take agency over their lives by seeking higher education. For foster youth who have lost everything, this bill provides hope that they can attend college without crippling debt—taking one critical step toward our state’s goal of making college attainable for all, and making foster youth the first to achieve debt-free college in California.”

Reports read that the Fostering Futures program will cover in full youth members college tuition and further additional costs including books, food and lodging.

The newly approved program has been established in efforts of boosting the likelihood of foster youth to reach their educational goals.

“SB 307 serves to both increase the likelihood that foster youth can reach their educational goals and also better prepare them to enter the next stage of their lives, whether that involves pursuing an advanced degree or entering directly into their chosen career path, by providing the opportunity to begin their next chapter debt-free from higher education,” according to the Fostering Futures Fact Sheet.

Cousins what is your take on this newly established law; what other states should free tuition be provided in?

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