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Chicago Man Fatally Shoots Ex-Girlfriend At Her Job After She Removed An Apple AirTag He Secretly Placed In Her Car!

Cousins! A 21-year-old male is currently in police custody for the tragic shooting of his former girlfriend following the discovery of an Apple AirTag tracking device he placed within her vehicle without her knowledge or consent!

According to CBS News, Jailene Flores accused Armoni Henry of making violent threats against both her and her family. She is said to have filed a protective order against him which was granted but never served.

Prosecutors state that Jailene discovered an Apple AirTag within her vehicle last week that she had her brother scan in effort of finding out where the tracking device came from. Together they learned that the last four digits of the tracking device belonged to Armoni as they were a match for the last four digits of his cell phone number.

Reports read that once the 21-year-old removed the tracking device from her car and was confronted the following day on July 12th by Armoni. Jaliene says that he threatened to hurt both her and her father if she stopped talking him.

Sources state that on Thursday, July 13th Jaliene filed an updated protective order against Armoni and then traveled to work. She is said to had received over 120+ text messages from him with additional threats for removing the AirTag from her car.

Armoni is said to have arrived at Jaliene’s job of Mariano’s grocery store and immediately confronted her, reports People magazine. She then proceeded to take him towards the back room area where only staff was allowed. Moments later, according to employees and the store manager, they heard a series of gunshots and saw Armoni running out to exit the store.

Jaliene was shot multiple times and sadly passed away at the scene stated arriving officers.

Mariano’s released a statement following the tragedy in saying , “The entire Mariano’s family offers our thoughts, prayers, and support to all affected individuals and families during this difficult time and we have initiated counseling services for our associates.”

The statement continues, “We are cooperating with local law enforcement, and the store will remain closed while the police investigation continues.”

Officials state that Armoni was arrested an hour later and that the firearm he had on him at the time matched the shell casings found at the crime scene.

It has been stated that Armoni had a history of domestic violence against Jaliene and that he was also on a conditional discharge from a previous conviction at the time of the shooting. He has been charged with first-degree murder following her death.

Local news state that the two had dated after meeting in school and also worked together at a nursing home in Oak Lawn earlier this year.

Jaliene’s sister Ashley Flores has established a GoFundMe campaign to help with funeral expenses.

“Unfortunately my sister was a victim of harassment and stalking from an individual who wasn’t even her boyfriend, it was a “friend” who became obsessive,” reads the campaign’s description.

“This turned fatal and on July 13th at 9am he ended my sister’s life on what we thought would be another normal Thursday,” she continues. “I sit here still waiting for her to come home. Unfortunately my family and I must accept that Jailene is no longer with us and is in heaven watching above us all.”

We send infinite prayers to Jailene’s family and friends.

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