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Tyler Lepley’s Ex Girlfriend April King Calls Him And Miracle Watts Out On Social Media, “My Kids Aren’t Her Kids”

Cousins! Talent agent April King clearly wasn’t too fond of Miracle Watts referring to she and Tyler Lepley ‘s daughter as “My girl” under a posted photo!

While appearing in an Instagram live video April issued claims that she and Tyler don’t co-parent and that they are not a blended family.

“The fact that my former partner has parents who participate and does his financial part, does not mean that, he and his new partner get to take credit for what I’m doing here,” said April within an Instagram live video.

“I’ve been so quiet about so many things. And despite that, I don’t get the respect that I deserve. For what I have been through, and the work that I continue to do.”

April expressed that she has a lot more to say but in respect of her children she hasn’t said much. She says that she is figuring out where she will share her side of things in the future.

This isn’t the first time April has been vocal about her children in advising that they do not belong to Miracle.

As we previously reported the two women had a quick exchange of words last summer back in July on social media after Miracle seemingly claimed Tyler and April’s kids as her own. It was within a video clip shared on Miracle’s Instagram page where she was speaking to her followers about the struggle of entrepreneurship and the motivation she finds on difficult days because she has, “kids to feed”.

“Stay motivated, stay consistent. I’m finna be a mama or whatever. I gotta buy some milk, I got kids to feed. So I just can’t give up. I just say this to say, y’all don’t give up, keep going. We got this gworls. We got it boo,” said Miracle.

“It’s a process. It’s definitely better than it was. Still got a little way to go. As much as I would not like it to be like that, I can’t rush anything,”said April.

Earlier this year while appearing in an interview with the Breakfast Club, Tyler was asked about the current climate between Miracle and April.

“The one thing I will say is, again, that’s the mother of two of my children, and I have nothing but love and respect for her. You know I give her grace and patience as figures out what she gotta feel herself through.”

April and Tyler share two small children together named Leo and Jade. Tyler and Miracle welcomed a baby boy named Xi Leí Lepley in October of 2022.

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