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Family Member Of 19-Year-Old Titan Sub Passenger Says That He Was Terrified Before The Trip And Only Agreed To Go To Please His Dad!

Cousins! It has been a pretty chaotic week full of different emotions associated with the worldwide coverage surrounding the missing Titan vessel and the fate of the five onboard passengers!

A family member of the 19-year-old college student onboard the Titanic shipwreck-bound vessel has come forward in sharing that the teen was terrified of the trip. In an interview with NBC News, the older sister of Pakistani businessman Shahzada Dawood, Azmeh Dawood shares that her nephew Suleman told another relative that he, “wasn’t very up for it.”

Azmeh explains that her nephew only agreed to go because it was Father’s Day and that he was eager to spend time with his dad.

“I am thinking of Suleman, who is 19, in there, just perhaps gasping for breath … It’s been crippling, to be honest.”

She goes on to share how painful it was to watch helplessly as news updates continued to roll in. “I feel like I’ve been caught in a really bad film, with a countdown, but you didn’t know what you’re counting down to,” she said. “I personally have found it kind of difficult to breathe thinking of them.”

Azmeh says that reports of her loved ones being presumed dead following signs of a catastrophic implosion were both heartbreaking and gut-wrenching. “I feel disbelief,” Azmeh said, within the phone interview.”It’s an unreal situation.”

According to NBC, Azmeh and Shahzada are scions of one of the most prominent corporate dynasties in Pakistan. It has been stated that their family’s namesake business empire, Dawood Hercules Corp., has investments in agriculture, and additional health industries.

Shahzada held the title of Vice chairman of the Karachi-based Engro Corporation. He was also an adviser to Prince’s Trust International, a well-known charitable organization founded by King Charles III.

“He was my baby brother,” said, Azmeh as she reportedly wept. “I held him up when he was born.”

Within a forwarded statement, Azmeh and Shahzada’s parents have asked for everyone to “keep the departed souls and our family in your prayers” as they thanked the search teams for their “untiring efforts.”

“The immense love and support we receive continues to help us endure this unimaginable loss,” said Hussain and Kulsum Dawood.

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